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Halfdan Abrahamsen

Halfdan holds a master’s degree in English and media. During his studies he focused on environmental policy and environmental philosophy and writing. For his thesis, he asked whether our current mode of civilization could hope to succeed in the long run if it failed to incorporate ecological awareness in its policies and technologies. Halfdan has previously worked in the Danish state, in the educational sector, as an information manager and project coordinator. However, his passion for environmental matters led him to Ærø EnergyLab, where he gets great satisfaction working with and mediating new environmentally sound technologies and policies.


The e-ferry Ellen – battery status and operational experience after two years

The fully electric e-ferry Ellen operates from the island of Aeroe in southern Denmark. It sails a record-breaking distance between charges: 22 nautical miles, up to seven times a day. Besides discussing the e-ferry’s systems and achievements, the presentation will cover Aeroe’s continued operational experience, including the battery status after two years in operation, and how the e-ferry got through the frosty cold spell in January 2021. The presentation will provide key numbers and figures and give real-world feedback on e-ferry operations during cold weather.