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Asbjørn Halsebakke

Asbjørn leads his team in engineering marine drive solutions, frequency converters and rotating machinery, which are in use today with the utmost reliability on vessels throughout the world. Before joining Yaskawa Environmental Energy (formerly the Wärtsilä Norway AS Drives division), he worked for Aker Kværner Elektro AS in Norway to develop frequency drives and perform sea trials and commissioning. Asbjørn graduated from Narvik University College with an MSc in electrical engineering. He also attended the University of Bergen, where he studied elementary physics and mathematics.


New concepts for powering electric vessels

The presentation will highlight the trending developments in power electronics, including how to tackle the challenges when electrifying large-scale projects in marine, such as hybrid or fully electric vessels where redundancy and safety must be the greatest focus. The presentation will discuss the benefits of mastering DC distribution and the equipment you need for it. It will also introduce the benefits of permanent-magnet machines for this concept.