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Lukas Kistner

Lukas is a research assistant at the Institute of Electrical Energy Systems, Leibniz University, Hannover. He is also responsible for energy and component management and energy storage design on the e4ships-MultiSchIBZ project, which is funded by the BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport) and coordinated by NOW (National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology). In 2018 he completed his MSc in power engineering at Leibniz University, Hannover.


Comprehensive techno-economic and environmental assessment for cruise ship energy systems

This presentation will cover battery-supported ship energy systems with diesel ICEs, gas ICEs and natural gas-fueled solid oxide fuel cells. The analysis will cover component costs, operation costs and emission quantification including CO2, CH4, CO, PM, NOx and SOx. In addition, the assessment will be revised for 2050 with technological advances and synthetic methane.