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Jan-Erik Räsänen

Jan-Erik is responsible for the global technology team at Foreship. A well-known ship energy expert, he specializes in managing/reducing energy consumption on board ships and thereby minimizing emissions from vessel powerplants. Based in Helsinki, his role includes supporting shipowners with the implementation of energy-saving solutions developed by Foreship. Drawing on a career in energy efficiency and retrofits, he has a wealth of knowledge about the application of alternative fuels including energy-efficient hybrid, battery and fuel cell technologies in shipping – expertise for which he is widely known.


Applicability of containerized ESS on inland waterway and coastal shipping

The presentation will examine the applicability of containerized energy storage on inland waterway and coastal ship types. By introducing the containerized battery energy storage, we will demonstrate its applicability to maximize the energy content in the fixed footprint of a 20ft equivalent sized deck house/structure, while minimizing fault occurrence for the ship owner/operator. The presentation will focus on how a containerized energy storage solution will enable inland waterway ships and coastal cargo ships to reduce GHG emissions while finding the optimal footprint so as not to reduce cargo capacity.