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Jeremy Ward

Jeremy is the founder and CEO of East By West Ferries in Wellington, New Zealand. He has an extensive background in research and development and operation of tourism- and transport-related businesses, including inter-island ferry services, cable cars and trams. A committee member of the New Zealand Marine Transport Association, he is also a member of the wider maritime sector reference group, The NZ Maritime Forum. Jeremy’s vision of building a fully electric passenger ferry for his Wellington Harbour fleet led to the formation of Wellington Electric Boat Building Company (WEBB), of which he is director and major shareholder.


Launched: the Southern Hemisphere’s first fully electric high-performance passenger ferry

East By West and partners will share insights into this exciting milestone in the delivery of zero emission marine transportation solutions. Built by WEBB in New Zealand, this 19m 20-knot energy-efficient all-electric catamaran carries up to 135 passengers on the East By West Queen’s Wharf to Days Bay route across Wellington Harbour in New Zealand. She is capable of an ultra-fast charging time of 15 minutes and a 25km return distance between charges, with significantly lower operating and maintenance costs, improved passenger experience and a higher residual value than standard diesel ferries of the same size and speed.