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Yifan Wang

Dr Yifan Wang is a member of the Implementation of Ship Hybridisation (ISHY) project and responsible for undertaking research in the area of alternative marine fuels, contributing to advancing the field of lifecycle assessment (LCA), lifecycle cost assessment (LCCA) and multi-criteria decision making (MCDM). His previous experience includes PhD research in a critical examination of the economic value of using LNG as an alternative marine fuel.


Lifecycle assessment of different power systems for inland ship decarbonization

Hydrogen and electricity are recognized as pathways for vessel decarbonization; however, mismanagement of production may increase overall lifecycle emissions. We have conducted a study to identify the appropriate alternative fuel technologies for inland water transportation to mitigate climate change and deliver emission reductions over the fuel lifecycle. A comparative lifecycle assessment (LCA) was performed on marine gas oil (MGO), hydrogen and electric propulsion systems, with multiple production pathways for an inland water sightseeing barge operating in northwest Europe. The presentation will highlight the advantages, disadvantages and potential opportunities of hydrogen and electricity in marine decarbonization.