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Shivdeep Gaagat

Shivdeep is a business developer for system simulation activities in the marine and process industries sectors. He started his career in 2012 at Evonik AG in Hanau and went on to join the Simcenter Flomaster team with a focus on thermofluid simulations in the context of large fluid distribution systems and infrastructure. Shivdeep has worked closely with experts in system simulation and CFD in the DACH region, often being engaged in several research and consulting projects for modeling and simulation of thermofluid systems. He joined Siemens’ business development team for system simulation in April 2021.


Battery aging performance prediction based on different vessel profiles

Shipowners are often concerned about battery durability and performance over time, especially since every vessel has different operating profiles that severely affect the battery aging and performance characteristics. In this presentation we propose to build a Li-ion battery model based on an LFP cell supplier that can predict the capacity loss depending on the operational calendar and cyclic aging. Such a model can be used to define a warranty strategy and allow predictive maintenance for every single pack. This would give the shipowner clarity on the reliability of the vessel while reducing costly unplanned downtimes for troubleshooting and maintenance.