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Sean A Caughlan

Sean Caughlan has degrees in energy systems and mechanical engineering and is a professionally licensed engineer in Washington. Since joining Glosten in 2003 he has led the firm’s design of LNG, hydrogen and battery-hybrid powered vessels. He recently managed the feasibility design of two hydrogen-fueled research vessels.


Comparing batteries and hydrogen for a coastal research vessel

With funding from the Maritime Administration, Glosten worked with Sandia National Labs and Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 2017 to determine the feasibility of an all-hydrogen-fueled coastal research vessel. Though feasible, the vessel exceeded the available budget and was larger than what was immediately needed by Scripps. A follow-on study was recently completed that assessed and compared the technical and economic feasibility of a 125ft battery-hybrid or hydrogen-hybrid coastal research vessel. Following the study, Scripps has recently received US$34m from the State of California to build the hydrogen-hybrid variant.