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Asbjørn Halsebakke

Asbjørn leads his team in engineering marine drive solutions, frequency converters and rotating machinery, which are in use today with the utmost reliability on vessels throughout the world. Before joining Yaskawa Environmental Energy (formerly the Wärtsilä Norway AS Drives division), he worked for Aker Kværner Elektro AS in Norway, developing frequency drives and performing sea trials and commissioning. Asbjørn graduated from Narvik University College with an MSc in electrical engineering. He also attended the University of Bergen, where he studied elementary physics and mathematics.


New concepts for powering vessels

This presentation will show how it is possible to build a ship today that fulfills current regulations as well as likely future environmental changes. Using power distribution blocks around an innovative DC-Hub, electronic bus link breaker and electronic DC breaker, ships can switch from AC to DC for better fuel and cost savings. This offers unrivaled reliability and flexibility to run on any future power source.