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Peter Rampen

Peter Rampen MSc graduated in electrical engineering from the electrical power processing department at Delft University of Technology. Previously he was a technical consultant in the field of electrical power generation and distribution and drives. He is now working as a principal research engineer in the discipline of ship electrics and automation in the Damen R&D department. In the last decade, Peter has been involved in the development of electrification in sustainable ship applications. For these applications, he is also involved in technical development of the charging systems and integration into the main power grid.


Charging of ships as a service – how to proceed from a shipbuilder’s perspective

Damen already has some experience in developing and realizing charging systems for fully electric vessels. Its solutions are developed for specific ship types. For the next step in the electrification of shipping, ‘charging as a service’ has to be available everywhere that the ships operate. This requires a standard charging solution for interoperability. The charging standards for automotive are a promising basis for such a maritime charging standard. However, implementing these standards comes with challenges. The presentation will highlight some of these challenges.