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Olaf Hermann

After studying mechanical Engineering in Hannover and Birmingham (UK) Olaf worked over 20 years in the automotive industry, mainly in technical sales positions in the areas chassis and drivetrain. In May 2020 he joined ARADEX. Within ARADEX Olaf is responsible for the sales activities, especially for the internationalisation of the company.


Highly redundant parallel hybrid propulsion for marine applications

The propulsion drives of ships are of great importance for the safety of the vessel. Therefore, the propulsion drives must be highly available. Depending on the exact application, intensive validation of changes in the propulsion of a ship is necessary. Besides pure electric propulsion, Aradex presents a special version of parallel hybrid propulsion with extremely high redundancy. To reach the highest redundancy we use AC induction motors, which have no impact on the diesel-driven drivetrain in case of any defects. A special version even needs no additional gearbox.