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Tony Stanton

Tony is an experienced engineering manager with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry, specializing in the composites industry and applying new materials to new industries. He is a qualified mechanical engineer from the University of Auckland. His early career as a naval architect of performance yachts and long-range powerboats gave him a thorough understanding of structural performance and the interrelationship of weight, performance and cost that is crucial to any project. He has a strong focus on materials technology and understanding materials performance and processing, that are vital in the application of composite materials. Skilled in Structural Engineering, AutoCAD, 3D modelling and Computer-Aided Design and materials technology which is the starting point for the successful use of Composite Materials


Achieving 360° efficiency: hydrodynamics, propulsive energy, construction and commercial viability

WEBBCo and East by West Ferries, along with their technical partners, will share insights into how they focused on and achieved efficiency across the board with the design, build and operation of Ika Rere, the first 100% battery-electric high-speed passenger ferry in the southern hemisphere. They will discuss how a common collaborative approach and a focus on weight were critical factors. Plus, the specialists behind the naval architecture, electrical systems and composite structures will highlight key considerations and challenges they had to overcome in each of their areas. Launched in August 2021, the 19m zero-emission composite catamaran carries up to 135 passengers on its commuter and tourist route across Wellington Harbor in New Zealand.